Student Store.ca   is a new concept retail store that provides five integrated solutions to students, professors, and neighbors who reside next to universities in Montreal Quebec. This concept allows student shop inc. to become a one stop location for everyday technology-oriented problem solving. Student store. is more than a solution provider because its services span from printing, to computer repairing, covering used computer sale and phone accessories, sailing used and new Academic Books and it provides shipments & Tax services. It is a place to find professional advice, technical help, and guarantees an efficient and accurate answer to one’s specific needs and desires. Student shop Inc. Helps customers to get rid of technology problems, update their electronics and offers maximum resources for low budget.

Our vision is to take advantage of technology changes and industry mutation to become a close, reliable and competitive brand. In fact, Student Store. intends to become the best integrated services and products provider for students in proximity of every university in Quebec and in Canada.

We own one store next to Concordia & McGill Universities since 2004. The main objective of student store is to open two more new stores near McGill & Montreal Universities within three years and to build a sustainable brand company that provides expert advice as well as highly value able products and services. Moreover, Student Store. wants to become a retailer branded products. Potential retailers have been selected and strategic approach is currently being implemented.